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I Am Google Analytics Certified, Oh Yea

One of the goals within the Center of Digital Engagement Internship this summer was to become certified in at least one of the digital marketing certifications available.  I chose to to certify in Analytics because I have had prior experience with Adwords and wanted to get my feet wet in Analytics.

My Strategy On Passing The Exam So within the internship, Bud Gibson, who is a director with SPARK, suggested the fail until you pass method. Using this methodology, I took the test two times. Before taking it the first time, I studied all of the Google Partner resources relating to GA. The score of my first test was a 75%! So only 5% away from passing. 
An excellent way of learning Google Analytics is to apply the learning in real time. I installed Google  Analytics within this blog and have been analyzing my traffic. This has been one of the best ways of learning how GA works. 
I continued to study the Google Partners resources and taking practice tests online. Once I had a few practice e…
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Why Social Media Influencers Make Bank

The Big Divide Between Influencers and Companies Several studies have been conducted to see how social media influencers compare to regular brands in terms of engagements on posts. NewsWhip's study done in June 2017 revealed that the metrics between the two were very different. "JetBlue averaged 2,363 engagements in June on its owned posts, while influencer posts garnered an average of 241,226 engagements"(eMarketer). This divide is the norm throughout all of social media.  So how do these influencers make money? And why?  Companies and brands approach influencers with either requests for a post, a series of posts, or a campaign to promote their product/brand. "Fellow fitness influencer Lyzabeth Lopez, creator of the Hourglass Workout, charges between $3,000 and $5,000 per post, and between $20,000 and $100,000 per campaign" (Forbes). Just to give you a ballpark estimate on how much. YouTube campaigns can run up as high as $300,000 for a campaign!! 
So why can…

My Experiences With Google Adwords...So Far

Being A Non-Profit's Adwords Manager

During the Winter 2017 semester at Eastern Michigan University, I took the Google Adwords and Webpage Design course. In this class we were split up into 4-person teams and paired up with non-profits. Throughout the course we created, managed, optimized campaigns and their ads. Our learning with Adwords emphasized Click-Through-Rates, quality score for keywords, and the copy on the ads. 
I enjoyed the process of creating a campaign. Finding out which keywords to bid for based on monthly searches and Cost-Per-Click, creating buyer personas, and optimizing the Ad groups after campaign launch. After the semester ended, we were given the opportunity to continue managing the Adwords account for the non-profit. I promptly emailed the professor and the marketing head of the non-profit, asking if I could continue working with them through the summer. 
Since then, I have been the Google Adwords Manager for The Preeclampsia Foundation. I would like to sa…

Week 7: Website launch and email testing

Well it's been awhile since I have updated you on my internship at Mi Padrino. Since then, we have continued inputting vendors and optimizing the site. We have also created FAQ pages for the consumers and vendors, it was fun putting myself in their shoes and going through the website as if I was them. This is essential for website design design and the consumer experience.

As the intern team, we have developed email and cold call copies that will be used by the sales team this fall. We have created multiple versions of copy for each stage of the outreach process so the sales team can choose which version to use. If they choose to, they can implement A/B testing to track what works better for each specific vendor and plan accordingly.

Snapchat Marketing: What's the sauce?

Snapchat: The baby of social media
Snapchat is the latest social media platform to gain a major following. Its users are primarily 13-34 years old and it is used for video and image messaging.

Be an Influencer The latest trend sweeping the internet is individuals gaining large amounts of followers on social media and becoming influencers. This allows these people to connect with others in a way that promotes their ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Influencer Marketing If they gain a large enough following they may be subject to offers from product owners and other businesses. These businesses want to take advantage of the influencer's audience to raise awareness for their own business.

Best way of reaching out to an influencer is to develop a relationship with them before you ask for anything. Also, making sure that both party's audiences are alike.  Launch New Products If your company is releasing a new product or line, you can use Snapchat to raise awareness for the launch! Y…

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Cater to Mobile Users

The user journey has now changed due to the rising use of mobile. By 2022, Over two-thirds of the world are going to have access to a mobile device. Understanding that mobile advertising is different than regular old fashion marketing is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy. 
Searches Tend to be local Understanding how your customer base will be searching for your business is crucial. On a mobile device, they may be simply looking for a phone number or address. Finding this information out will help you achieve your business goals much more efficiently. You don't necessarily want to advertise towards the user for a sale if what they are searching is at the start of your sales funnel. Pick your moments!
Simple is the name of the game On mobile, there is limited screen space. Don't overload the consumer with a bunch of information they don't need yet! Again, finding out the steps your customer base takes when interacting with your…

Digital Transformation 2.0

Digital is Always Changing
The world we live in today is changing at rates never seen before. Viewpoints, needs, technology, laws, workplaces, and more are changing rapidly. I have been reading lately industry news and this article was interesting: Digital Transformation 2.0
Touched upon the following subjects: bringing in experts vs training current employees, coding skills on the uprise, and the legacy mindset.
Experts vs Training Employees A dilemma that is happening in the professional world is that companies are deciding whether to bring in outside talent or train their current staff. What is taken into consideration is when they need these skill-sets because they have to take time to train the employees. 
Would you rather add another salary to your company or pay to train a current employee? Coding Skills On The Rise Over the last year, there has been a rise in demand for coders. Specifically in Ruby, Hybris, and other development platforms.  The Legacy Mindset Put simply, Lega…